Living at Divine

Jet: Divine's Just Chillin 
living Donna Crosthwaite in Brampton ON

Shiver x Diva

Cooper: Divine Shivers in the night
living in Finland with Anne Tuominen

Shiver x Diva




CSSA 2018
Icy Best baby puppy in specialty show

Gem 2nd place baby puppy bitch
Secret 3rd place baby puppy bitch


Divine's Sterling Silver
owned by Sally & John Burgess in Missouri

Lu x Diva

Jasmine (Cloudy): Divine’s Ice Maiden 
co-owned with Betty and Kim Sawatsky in Winnipeg

Shiver x Diva

Icy: Divine’s Arctic Chill 
co-owned with Stéphane Villeneuve and Micheline Bissonnette in Ottawa

Shiver x Diva


Secret: Divine’s Secret Destiny 
co-owned with Judy Flanigan in Guelph

Shiver x Diva